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Below are some of the stories that have been shared with us about families, traditions, and experiences with Nichelini Winery.  Enjoy!  (Share Your Story Here!)



Hi - 
I stopped by your winery last Friday, May 3rd, and wanted to comment about my visit.

First, I have driven past it a dozen or so times, but always in route to or from the valley.

This time I had time and decided to stop. I want to say: 1) how much I enjoyed your wines and 2) how much I enjoyed the young lady who served me. She indicated that she only works one day a week and is a family memeber, by the name of Janette. But she really made the stop worthwhile. I have a small 400-700 case winery and would love to have individuals as pleasant as her working for me.

We enjoyed a bottle of your Cab-Sauv with dinner this evening at home and it reminded me that I wanted to express my pleasure with my visit. We get to Napa every 2-3 years and look forward to making a point of stopping by.

Thank you

John Girt


Tiger Mountain Winery, LLC


My wife and I were at your winery in early August and
very much enjoyed the tasting you provided. We arrived
unannounced and during a time you were not normally
open, but you took us in and gave a great presentation.
In addition you gave us a thorough wine education. I
wish I could remember half of what you said. 
We purchased a couple bottles of wine 
and have enjoyed them. 

Thanks for being so kind and I hope you enjoy a great 
year of wine, 

      ~ Jim T.






Hello all. Just thought I would drop you a note about how
much my wife and I enjoy your wine, The Primitivo is still 
my favorite, and have enjoyed it with lamb and all by itself.
We were there just as the vines were waking up and
thought your Vineyard was the most relaxed and made
the tasting very personal.

Keep up the good work.




       If walls could talk, the old stone winery of Nichelini would tell
       amazing tales of 5 generations of family winemakers and the
       historic creek side winery that is the oldest in the Napa Valley.
       For over 120 years, the Nichelini family has produced exquisite
       estate wines in the Napa Valley. The historic stone winery, on
       the banks of Sage Creek, was built in 1895. Through Prohibition
       and beyond, 5 generations of this legendary family have honed
       their skills producing award-wining wines that are only available
        January 31, 2012                           at the winery. Visit any day chat with the family over a glass of
                Jonelle                                     wine. Learn about the wines and their rich history in the Napa
                                                                   Valley. By the time you leave, you’ll have made a few new
                                                                   friends  and already be planning your next visit!



January 10,2012           

My father frequented Nichelini winery on numerous occasions in the
early 70's. Remember running around out back and on those chilly
mornings/days sitting on the small kegs. All this while my dad and I
think another Mr Nichelini talked about wine. Each time we left the
cases were stacked in the back of the station wagon and the
camping equipment on top. My brother and I were squeezed in on
those rides back to the city. Liked looking at the pictures. Hasn’t
changed that much in the areas I remember. Cheers!

Tim Lewis





I visited Napa for the first time ever! We were so disappointed! Went to a

small winery on the Napa-St Helena hwy, and the young man at I would

rather not mention where, didn't care, notice, or give a hoot about who we

were, we could have been from Mars! It wasn't anything personal, just

take a number, pay your tasting fee and buy some wine and move on so I

can get off work. On the way home, we drove the road to Lake Berryessa

and luckily stopped in at the Nichelini Family Winery and were wowed by

the personal touch beyond our dreams! After opening up for us, because

we told them about our non-descript and sad experience in the valley,

they said that we couldn't leave Napa that way. We tasted all their wine,

shared our Organic Nation spirits with them and got invited, per tradition,

to their family BBQ/Bday party, an entire pig! Everyone was so nice,

beyond our expectations. We now have friends for life, and besides, the

wine is great! The service and care is beyond what anyone expects, We

dream of this and they made our dream come true!! 

Come visit us soon in Oregon, so we can return the favor!

     -  Diane and David from Organic Nation, Ashland OR


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